Yearbook Information

Hampton families are encouraged to pre-order their yearbook, as a very limited amount will be available for purchase in June.  Order your yearbooks today before we run out!! Yearbook order forms and directions to order your yearbook online are attached.  

Have some great shots from field trips or classroom events?  

Have pictures on your I Phone or Android that would be perfect for the yearbook?  

We are looking for any school related pictures. There are specific instructions to upload those photos by using the Balfour App, Google Drive App or Google Drive Link from your computer. All pictures must be submitted by April 8th for yearbook consideration.

Deadline to purchase a personal ad for your child in the yearbook is March 20, 2020Pictures must be submitted by uploading the picture directly to Balfour or Google Drive.  When uploading please label the picture as “Personal Ad for child’s name”, directions on how to upload are attached.

Your child’s fall picture is used for individual portraits in the yearbook.  If your child did not have their picture taken in the fall, please contact the Yearbook Committee.

If you DO NOT want your child’s picture in the yearbook please check the Yearbook Opt Out box on the yearbook order form and return to the school ASAP.

Please contact the Yearbook Committee at with any questions.


Upload Instructions

Find the form here