President: Megan Britt (mbrittpta@gmail.com) — Manage overall objectives and strategies of the HESPTA; act as liaison between parents, principal, faculty and staff; preside at all HESPTA, board and executive committee meetings; write President’s Letter for the monthly HESPTA newsletter; coordinate the work of the officers and committees; be a member ex officio of all committees except the nominating committee; review bank statements; represent HESPTA at school and council meetings.

Executive Vice President: Janelle Wahlstrom (janellemarie88@gmail.com) — Assist the president in accomplishing the goals set forth by the HESPTA and support the overall mission of the County, State and national PTA; perform in their designated order the duties of the president in the absence or inability of that officer to serve; attend PTA- sponsored workshops or trainings; coordinate and oversee implementation of a communications strategy for the HESPTA.

Treasurer/Ways & Means: Sara Ullrich (sullrich@awardsconstruction.com) — Collaborate with the HESPTA president and executive vice president to generate the annual HESPTA budget; have custody of all funds of the HESPTA; keep a full and accurate account of receipts and expenditures including reconciliation of the bank statement each month; make disbursements as authorized by the president or board of directors in accordance with the budget adopted by the HESPTA; present a written financial statement at every meeting of the executive committee, the board of directors, the general membership and at other times when requested by the board of directors; prepare and file all necessary tax forms and submit a copy to the Maryland PTA office within thirty (30) days of filing; have the accounts examined at the close of the fiscal year and upon change of treasurer by an auditor or an auditing committee of not less than three (3) persons who, satisfied that the treasurer’s annual report is correct, shall sign a statement of the fact at the end of the report; forward state and national portions of membership dues to the Maryland PTA by the first of each month.

Secretary: Melissa Rodola (melissarodola@gmail.com) — Record minutes of all meetings of the HESPTA, the board of directors, and executive committee; circulate minutes for approval by attendees; submit approved minutes to executive board and for inclusion on HES PTA website; maintain a complete file of all approved minutes, agendas and materials distributed at any official PTA meeting; maintain file of all HESPTA records; have a current copy of the bylaws; maintain a current membership list; perform signatory duties for the Maryland PTA, along with HESPTA president and treasurer; manage/oversee the Nominating Committee process: recruit and form a nominating committee, and remain available to assist them at their request.

VP of Membership: Melissa Fought (melissafought@hotmail.com) — Generate membership goal and implement plan to achieve it; develop membership flyers and outreach efforts to notify the Hampton Elementary community of the benefits associated with PTA membership; create membership envelopes for distribution; collect membership envelopes, and track and document PTA member information and contributions; distribute membership cards; promote PTA membership at all school functions.

  • New Parent Outreach Coordinator: Cara Pyles (carapyles@gmail.com) — Work with Hampton administration to welcome new families to Hampton Elementary; host a new family event, such as a coffee, early in the school year to help new families get connected to the Hampton community; develop ongoing strategies to help new parents/guardians find volunteer opportunities suited to their specific talents and interests; provide information and orientation programs for new families as needed throughout the year; serve as a continuing resource for Hampton parents/guardians.

VP of Fundraising: Jess Williams (jweitz2@gmail.com) — Collaborate with executive board and fundraising committee chairs to develop a comprehensive fundraising calendar for the school year; make sure fundraising objectives align with the HESPTA’s budgetary needs; provide support to committee chairs for key fundraising events; monitor results of fundraisers and keep thorough records to aid in planning fundraising calendars in succeeding years; provide support and collaboration for Dolphin Dreams event held bi-annually to raise funds for the Dolphin Dreams Educational Foundation.

  • Birthday Book Club: Stephanie Haddock (steph.haddock@gmail.com) — Staff a book cart offering parents/guardians and other family members the opportunity to select a book to donate to the Hampton library in honor of a Hampton student in celebration of a birthday or other special occasion.
  • Book Fair: JoAnn Zipin (jzipin@gmail.com), Alexandra Rusen (alexgattinger@gmail.com) — Organize and run two Scholastic book fairs for the fall and spring. Must be present at the school throughout the duration of each weeklong fair.
  • Box Tops for Education: Ashley Semesky (asemesky@yahoo.com) — Collect, count and submit Box Tops for Education to be converted into money and supplies for the school. Once per year, if time allows, coordinate a grade competition to encourage students to turn in more Box Tops.
  • Dolphin Depot: Christy Rowe (mrschristyrowe@yahoo.com), Sam Goldsmith (brentsam1299@comcast.net)— Oversee process to recruit and select 5th-grade students to staff the student store throughout the school year (current hours of operation are Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 9:00-9:15am; students required to arrive at 8:50am to help open the store); recruit parents to manage student workers; work with Mrs. Kaiser to develop scope of Dolphin Depot Management Team program including determining date/time of team meetings and selection of students; oversee ordering merchandise, making deposits, paying invoices and other tasks associated with managing the store.
  • Fundraisers (Restaurant Nights & Products): Jess Williams (jweitz2@gmail.com), Sam Goldsmith (brentsam1299@comcast.net) — Work with VP Fundraising and school principal to organize a school-wide fundraiser (i.e., wrapping paper, Mixed Bag, etc.) in fall/spring; reach out to local restaurants to find options for Hampton nights at restaurants throughout the school year; research vendors and present options at PTA meetings when appropriate, outlining details such as potential profit and amount of labor required for each fundraiser be a success.  May also consider other fundraising options, such as a fun run.
  • Hampton Wear:  Catherine Robbins (catherine.robbins@hotmail.com), Jessica Joyce (jsinnott64@gmail.com) — Organize and manage ongoing Spirit Wear sale and distribute items to homerooms upon delivery; develop additional spirit wear items to be offered occasionally throughout the school year; staff Spirit Wear table at Hampton events as appropriate.
  • Trivia Night:  Michelle Roark (micheclarke@gmail.com), Kallie Wasserman (kallie.wasserman@gmail.com) — Coordinate annual adults-only trivia fundraiser held in November, planned and staffed by volunteers. Solicit and coordinate prize donations.

VP of Communications: Ashley Oliver (ashley@theolivergroupmd.com) — Collaborate with the executive board and committee chairs to send out communication to PTA members regarding upcoming events through email, text message, and social media.

  • Facebook Coordinator: Ashley Oliver (ashley@theolivergroupmd.com) — Provide information to the social networking community about HESPTA programs and events.
  • Newsletter Editor: Erin Wilson (erin.b.wilson@gmail.com) — Produce monthly online PTA newsletter communicating information about events, programs and other Hampton happenings.
  • Website Coordinator: Justin Eyler (jbeyler@gmail.com) — Help update and maintain PTA website, which offers information, calendars, forms, meeting minutes, volunteer opportunities and news.